Friday, 4 October 2013

Boqa the Brand of Acapulco chair and scoubidou funriture

the acapulco chair maker: BOQA!

BOQA is a new French manufacturer in the landscape of French outdoor furniture. Inspired by the chair Acapulco Mexican Boqa focused on integrating technology in its workshops to diversify colors, materials, design associations.

Acapulco the chair, adapted completely to the outside part and weatherproof. It is a metal frame, powder-coated base and a woven plastic ring. The flexibility of the ring allows the seat to be comfortable. After repatriated production in France Boqa fun to decline over the classic version with a complete line version of a rocking chair, a loveuse, a sofa and an armchair for children.

 Made In France it is one of the prides of BOQA today that r√©industrialise France. The technique is reviewed and corrected above, with Anti-UV treated and plastic frames with anticorrosion treatment polyzinc, BOQA not working on planned obsolescence.

The aim of the founders is actually not you sell a chair every three years. The goal is to see you comfortably seated in one of the many different shapes and colors.

The second BOQA pride is its ability to innovate and create models more unusual ranging both indoors and outdoors. Short cocktail color design and innovation that dazzled every day.

Today BOQA led his long way towards an important diversification that takes gently indoors with a first series of lighting, shelves. For the moment all the new models are still in the prototype stage in workshops BOQA.

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