Thursday, 7 November 2013

A renovation of design chair from 50's

Recycling , reduction, rehabilitation as you want , for on more than a repair .

Broken chair
Directed by BOQA during the show B Pop ; Boqa tells us achieve this allowance to present you the result .
" The chairs have more than 30 years , we admit the client : . . ? I would restore them keeping the same braiding no idea of ??the length required Is that you can perform the repair "
This is not the primary purpose of BOQA that manufactures products made ??of plastic Rush .
However, this is a rewarding to discover other braiding techniques "

The client did not want to redo the paint to keep the vintage look of the chairs. painting went to some place but the chair is dry and rust patina. No risk of damage to the frame. The whole is not compromised and therefore we can achieve braiding plastic ring.
renovated chair
Braided plastic is full up like that of BOQA , a slightly smaller diameter and slightly stiffer . It is possible that this is due to the age of the sun as it dried products .

The result is stunning with armrests braided. A very lightweight and comfortable chair. The tubular structure is light .
repared chair
The client is very happy with AC repair . Also Boqa . It is a long operation , more than two hours are working on the chair between disassembly, study and restoration " Braid state is not necessarily long or when we know we must pass over "says BOQA

Boqa trusts on providing repair chair : " The advantage with this type of project is to learn the history of the chair, where he comes from , where it was stored , how long it is in a degraded state.
And what will become of the chair , imagine it will still be used for several years, it is a great satisfaction.
. This allows us to have an idea of what will become our products in the future, in the life of every day. And some copies , and this gives us the inspiration to develop the new model. And not least, it is also a technical intelligence that allows us to enrich the braiding techniques , assemblies .

Thank you for this interview Boqa the specialist Acapulco chair and furniture plastic thread

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