Saturday, 23 November 2013

Bench for outside use Cordoba

Bench Cordoba Boqa
bench in plastic thread
Outdoor Bench

Scoubidou bench outdoor in addition to a garden with some Acapulco chairs. You can also

put in the pool to lay towels, your latest book and sunglasses suns.

On a terrace solo to watch the couple sunset before spending a night

and the whole or inside your bathroom or complement seat when the family temporarily enlarges at Christmas or for birthdays .
yellow bench for bathroom
Bench for bathroom

The bench abandoned for several years back in strength and become trend after rocking chair is the new must- have in your furniture.

In its original size the bench, 125 cm wide by 54 high and 53 deep, but the company will probably Boqa offer you other custom length or make terms in his collection pieces larger or smaller .

We are delighted that the colors available in BOQA can cross on the original version is in cross braiding or aligned side by side in the Rainbow ready to offer you a rainbow of color range .

You could also see that the structure was charcoal gray and it is one of the new offerings also BOQA . on applications and more time , do not hesitate to make your request by email to get the frame color you want.

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