Friday, 27 February 2015

Over the chair of the City of Fashion and Design

The renovation of NUBA wire chair

Party of a classic chair with wire was cooked, we were solicited by the NUBA the restauraut located on the roof terrace of the city of fashion is design. The restaurant wanted to renovate its wire chairs to match a line both vintage and contemporary. The chair initially chrome and braided blue monochrome is very damaged. The model that we have collected is not damaged in the thread. However, chromium is highly piqued and we can not let the structure in this state. It is not mechanically fragile, however chromium can stain son, the clothes and the result is really dirty.

So we decide to take the strucure black afn maintain the strength of the structure and give it a clean and unobtrusive appearance. The idea is to put the wire in value. The weaving of the chair is made with multicolor 14 colors available BOQA. The structure and repainted really helps out the colorful side of the wire chair. The chair will integrate in the same tone decor with benches whose slats are of many colors.

You'll be able to enjoy the chairs NUBA located at 26 quai d'Austerlitz on the rooftop of the city of fashion and design in Paris. A chance to showcase our expertise in terms of renovation and completion of wire chair.

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