Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Acapulco Chair

The acapulco chair

We find the original straight out of the Cajas exposure Transito.
Acapulco chair

The real Acapulco chair

So we return to the history of Acapulco chair made ​​in the 50s, it becomes a Star in the years 2008 2010 during Cajas exposure Transito exposing Mexican furniture throughout Europe.
This exhibition will inspire many entrepreneur to repeat this chair given that the designer is unknown and many are engaged in importing import chair from Mexico.
Today the only Acapulco chair 100% made in France and chair BOQA is undoubtedly the best quality chair that you can find on the market.
Then in good bills, as chair acapulco Sentou, imported from Mexico by the company OK design, but that generates many intermediate, and therefore a very high rate. Especially the Sentou selling themselves to other distributor leads to a buildup of very important trading margin.

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