Wednesday, 31 July 2013

History the acapulco chair

The history of the Acapulco chair
Why Acapulco chair since its birth in Mexico (anonymous author), in the late '50s, became an iconic image of summer, the weather and outdoor decoration, although it has also been integrated more in addition to interior spaces.
Much of its success lies in its comfort, but more importantly, in its simplicity, a massive steel structure that supports the seat, made ​​a series of PVC fabric, following an ancient Mayan technique very similar to that used in the making in hammocks.
Another reason for its success today (although it has never gone out of fashion) is the retro look that passes, now that it is likely, especially in the company of elements from other eras and styles. The Acapulco any decorative scheme adds a freshness and colors. What do you think? I love it. I have it on my "must list"
Boqa offers a variety of color that allows the integrated into any decor, whether in a child's room, a waiting room of a doctor's office or in a salon.
Acapulco chair

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