Sunday, 1 September 2013

repair chair scoubidou

Today we offer you to make repairs on your authentic chairs scoubidou. In fact, we offer you the opportunity to provide you with several colors of plastic rod to repair your chairs Acapulco, your deck or your kitchen chairs.
A service club completeness is also available from a quote that we establish in advance.
But if you're feeling brave we can send you the coils in the colors of your choice. While the scoubidou has its own techniques and weaves spot can be complex and difficult, but it is not impossible.
With patience it is possible to completely renovate your chair and have a new plastic ring to match your interior color. Renovate, repair, scrub, giving a second life, this is what we are pleased with the scoubidou furniture. Thirty years later and a little courage and go again for several years.
To request a reel scoubidou for furniture or for a complete overhaul of your furniture does not hesitate to send your inquiries via the form or contact me at 06 95 93 29 33.

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