Wednesday, 12 September 2018

What is the price of a true Acapulco Chair ?

Why such a difference between the Acapulco Chair price?

In this article, I will gave you a complet benchmarking of the Acapulco Chair offer you can find on the market.

The Acapulco chair legend I explained you may be true, I cant say. But for sure, this dont help you to buy the good one.

what can you expect when you buy a cheap Acapulco Chair ?

Low Cost Acapulco Chair

you can find really ship acapulco chair from 30€ but you know what to expect from them : no confort, low durability.
Voga probablyofffer the cheapest acapulco chair on the market. But there is no doubt, all the acapulco chair you can find with the price range 30€ to 80€ are coming from the same place. With all the cheap models that Voga import from China they manage to have competitive transport cost and that why they offer the best price.

Those product are easy to recognize, the plastic rope density is really important, and you can observe a flat part into the lower part of the curve. Sklum are doing exactly the same product and we can even wonder if it's not the producer who made the product photo as the orientation of the product are the same. Interessant thing is that both of them are having a crossed out price.

The advantage of this product is that you will be invited to change your chairs within less than a year. the tube is weak and the fixing system with cheap screw used make it even brittle. The rope is without uv protection so it will be quickly burn by the sun and start to be harsh.

The disadvantage is the small size dont integrate your head within the chair. Your neck will thump the backside of the chair. This confort sensation is not what we can expect from a good quality Acapulco chair with original size and shape.
Second thing regarding the difference between an orginal Acapulco chair is the flexibility of the rope. The raw material use has no elasticity and it's like washing line. The result is the lack of confort on the seating part and also on the back.

Fair price for a Original Acapulco chair!

 Acapulco Chair
True Acapulco Chair

According to material price and the know how needed to made a high quality Acapulco chair, 300€ is the minimum price you can expect when you want to buy one. You wont see huge discount on it, the most will be a 10% if there is small scratch or if it's sold due to the of color collection ending. There are not many company who are having this kind of level, you can found INNIT in US, BOQA in Europe who produced is model in house with really high end quality product.

In Latin America you will met many of those product and it will be really difficult to check the quality. The best way is to find a manufacturer and to check what are the process of painting (powder coating? liquid painting?), what kind of material is used (tube or plain metal?). Dont hesitate to ask if you can see the workshop. Usually honest manufacturer has no fear to show there production process.

In the next post, I will present you the midlle price Acapulco chair.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

What is the True Acapulco Chair

The legend of the Acapulco Chair:

Even if the legend say that Acapulco chair was born in the 50s. Designed by a european tourist who was getting inspired by the traditionnal Hamacs ; within the city of Acapulco. We have to be honest. There is no evidence of this and even after having a huge research on it, we cannot find any picture and or official document that can attest of it.

Anyhow, there is many different quality of this product and since 5 years now there is qulity level from low cost version at 30£ quality to a high quality product at above 300£. The question is for an inexperienced buyer, how it's possible to recognize a high quality product from an low cost Acapulco chair.

How I want to Help you regarding quality of Acapulco Chair

I will made few articles to describe the different level and to recognize the level of finition, to check few dimention you can easily notice to know what kind of product you have. Some you will find when you buy physical product and some when you really want to buy online.

As the thing is that there is no original maker, or editor of the acapulco chair even not any designer that can be at the origin of this Acapulco chair ; we cannot say that some makers are doing copy. The only thing we can say, is that there is some product design and produce in a way they will have 3 to 6 months of life and some other are done for 20 to 40 years.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Some new furnitures

There again we have some new furnitures to show you ! 

Since the start of 2018, we have seen some new models of furniture made by BOQA, the original creator of the Acapulco chair. 

Today, we are happy to present you two newcomers : 

The Colima TV stand : 

Perfect for your living room, the Colima will allow you to put a TV onto it, and other accessories such as : a games console, a DVD player, a lamp, and decorative objects...

Its lower part is divided in 3 parts, allowing you to tidy up all your stuff, like CDs or magazines for example.

The wood part and the epoxy steel assure you a simple and classic design.
The Colima TV stand will fit well in any kind of living room, from the retro look to the modern look. 

The Mouth shelf :

This small shelf shaped as a mouth will make you smile ! Its simple and modern look is very enticing. 

Whether you place it in a living room or in a bedroom, you will always have something to put on. This Mouth shelf is as enjoyable as useful, and will solve all your storing issues.

Made of wood and polyvinyl steel, the Mouth can always fill a gap in your house.

Each of these furnitures are available in 23 different colors (including leather and hemp) on the BOQA website, original french creator of the Acapulco chair.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Leather Acapulco chair from BOQA

Acapulco chair in the most elegant version ca and most prestigious. A leather chair design and air. Unlike armchair heavy and massive leather chair in bitter natuel leather légé and does not impose the room.

Boqa French is the only manufacturer that offers Acapulco chair leather book throughout Europe. A chair yaw 5mm diameter, the same as the traditional plastic thread design. A super class wire chair for this design icon and a French factory.

More than TRADITIONAL lounge chairs Mexican Equipales found in importer, Acapulco leather chair offers a more elongated base. BOQA version has a seat specially designed to provide maximum comfort.
No doubt BOQA quickly propose further chairs or leather pieces over furniture. Boqa specialist wire furniture is looking increasingly to innovate in order to surprise us.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Over the chair of the City of Fashion and Design

The renovation of NUBA wire chair

Party of a classic chair with wire was cooked, we were solicited by the NUBA the restauraut located on the roof terrace of the city of fashion is design. The restaurant wanted to renovate its wire chairs to match a line both vintage and contemporary. The chair initially chrome and braided blue monochrome is very damaged. The model that we have collected is not damaged in the thread. However, chromium is highly piqued and we can not let the structure in this state. It is not mechanically fragile, however chromium can stain son, the clothes and the result is really dirty.

So we decide to take the strucure black afn maintain the strength of the structure and give it a clean and unobtrusive appearance. The idea is to put the wire in value. The weaving of the chair is made with multicolor 14 colors available BOQA. The structure and repainted really helps out the colorful side of the wire chair. The chair will integrate in the same tone decor with benches whose slats are of many colors.

You'll be able to enjoy the chairs NUBA located at 26 quai d'Austerlitz on the rooftop of the city of fashion and design in Paris. A chance to showcase our expertise in terms of renovation and completion of wire chair.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Acapulco Wire Hanging Chair

Acapulco Swing

The swing Acapulco was carried out by the French publisher BOQA to offer a new version of his now famous Acapulco chair. The inclination is made for a very relaxing seating position that offers you the opportunity to Bouquine, napping, or sunbathe quietly in the sun.

"A swing or swing that we wanted to develop in response to a formal request for our customers candied BOQA. There are actually numerous swing made of wicker. So we naturally wanted to meet both our customers by inspiring us existing implementation. The Acapulco chair design seemed like a good working basis for making a hanging chair "

The swing is made for the outdoors like most version of Acapulco directed by BOQA. Ropes galvanized steel resistant to bad weather to post the swing tied to a tree in your garden. You can adjust the swing in height thanks to gripple system that has an adjustable hook and sliding.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Acapulco chairs of Originals

Here is a version of the original Acapulco chair !

Boqa performs an original version of the Acaplco chair, and other custom versions. But it is not currently marketed version . any actual damage as 11:11 Gallery does not allow to acquire this version of the Acapulco chair .

After confidentedu armchair version acapulco, acapulco double chair or sofa bitter three instead , here is a colorful version of Acapulco chairs which I hope will please your eyes and your curiosity failing to satisfy your shows and your gardens .

But if you are really sad and want a chair bitter multicolor, you can always send a private message to BOQA for an Acapulco chair with the colors you want to choose from the 14 colors available.

We are currently very far from the original version, but there 's a real aesthetic added value in acapulco chair . Remains to be seen if comfort is still present or if it becomes too steep. It seems that this version is at least deserves a hit especially nice and cozy . It remains to be seen if the flexibility is retained even if seeing the presence of cushion, it seems that it is more enjoyable with a little foam.

acapulco chair original
Original Version of the Acapulco Chair