Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Acapulco Wire Hanging Chair

Acapulco Swing

The swing Acapulco was carried out by the French publisher BOQA to offer a new version of his now famous Acapulco chair. The inclination is made for a very relaxing seating position that offers you the opportunity to Bouquine, napping, or sunbathe quietly in the sun.

"A swing or swing that we wanted to develop in response to a formal request for our customers candied BOQA. There are actually numerous swing made of wicker. So we naturally wanted to meet both our customers by inspiring us existing implementation. The Acapulco chair design seemed like a good working basis for making a hanging chair "

The swing is made for the outdoors like most version of Acapulco directed by BOQA. Ropes galvanized steel resistant to bad weather to post the swing tied to a tree in your garden. You can adjust the swing in height thanks to gripple system that has an adjustable hook and sliding.

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