Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Acapulco chairs of Originals

Here is a version of the original Acapulco chair !

Boqa performs an original version of the Acaplco chair, and other custom versions. But it is not currently marketed version . any actual damage as 11:11 Gallery does not allow to acquire this version of the Acapulco chair .

After confidentedu armchair version acapulco, acapulco double chair or sofa bitter three instead , here is a colorful version of Acapulco chairs which I hope will please your eyes and your curiosity failing to satisfy your shows and your gardens .

But if you are really sad and want a chair bitter multicolor, you can always send a private message to BOQA for an Acapulco chair with the colors you want to choose from the 14 colors available.

We are currently very far from the original version, but there 's a real aesthetic added value in acapulco chair . Remains to be seen if comfort is still present or if it becomes too steep. It seems that this version is at least deserves a hit especially nice and cozy . It remains to be seen if the flexibility is retained even if seeing the presence of cushion, it seems that it is more enjoyable with a little foam.

acapulco chair original
Original Version of the Acapulco Chair

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