Sunday, 3 November 2013

A desk with plastic rod and plastic thread

A desk inspired from the Acapulco chair the colorful wooden exotica !

Design wooden and plastic desk

A desk that is made from the same technica acapulco chair that is coming out of our shop. The esctritorio contains a low storage part to put the work in progress. This fact and an exotic wood top in black lacquered plywood . The lower drawer is made with plastic ring on twisted over a welded metal frame painted black and kill . It seamlessly blend yellow and blue plastic to give a colored dot to the cabinet .

Desk Basket colorfull

The officina this twisted to create a basket under the counter . This treanzado of storage is part of the web of a spider . That to give the impression quel this set work yesterday night and that is not going to escape.
point of imagination to under the cabinet.
The furnishings look like stones of exotic trees of a forest where you can just find anas spiders or witches .
And in those times halloween parties , it seems important to be defended by all these

Work top organised

Above the braiding is like a seam in the wood that separates and creates space to organize your work . All the opposite of the low that projecte in an imaginary world . A riba are in a world technico , organisado with spaces defined and calculated .
The only mescla that remains is yellow and blue to give a rythm to work. Justament when work is in progress , each working point can not imagine , you have to go forward such as yellow and blue going one after the other to a defined, regular rythm .

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