Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Acapulco chair in compléte series

Red Acapulco Chair
Red Acapulco Chair

The variation of Acapulco chair

For a series , it is a nice set of vintage design chair bench. Chairs for moms, Acapulco rocking chair or chairs for children , mini Acapulco , everything is available . even the sofa for lovers , for lovers sofa Acapulco.

The full collection presented in red and a wonder , a declination form that we did not want to taint a plume of color.
So you can have a sleek design and evaluation of proportions.
This collection will allow young and old lovers , pregnant women and even for people who have a bad back.

Acapulco Chair Rocking version by BOQA
Acapulco Rocking Chair
Boqa think of them with the Huatulco . A kind of Acapulco with more upright seating and positioning allows easy recovery. Also ideal for indoor space with a slightly lower Acapulco .

Of vintage chairs, certainly for what would have been the one in their time but also modern chairs for what rediscovered . The essential and that there was something for all tastes and for all colors .

In the next article I 'll let you discover the colors of Rush arriving soon. Inspired by the Dictates Nelly Rodi colors, by the wishes of the public, and their own inspirations, BOQA you will soon discover new colors and we will be delighted to present you .

Acapulco Chair for Kid
Children Acapulco Chair

For sur all with the aim of making this beautiful vintage chair success remains a classic that always integrates both in your interiors. The pleasure to read your comments about the new forms and especially filled with impatience for you to discover new colors.
Huatulco Chair
Acapulco Sofa

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