Saturday, 5 October 2013

From the Acapulco chair to the shelf scoubidou! BOQA such a nice road movie for French Designer!!!

Shelves scoubidou by BOQA

Boqa continues to innovate by developing Rush Plastic shelves or ring is multifunctional . Today we present Liwit ! The shelf or shelves hold fat levitating plastic Rush . Shelf cleat or without the mechanical function of the rod is fully exploited .

The furniture is scoubidou claw BOQA which diverts materials from his moose chair , the Acapulco chair to create more style are Features . To truly integrate new material in the production of furniture. Boqa you would not even stop to chair scoubidou but soon will you offer furniture from everywhere to develop your inner and your outer

We have a second stock or rod is used as a separation partition . The scoubidou really used for different functions and are expected to uncover large-scale developments in scoubidou to really see the play of light that there may be around son .
liwit by boqa
Shelf Liwit by BOQA

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