Tuesday, 15 October 2013

King Acapulco ! King of kings chair scoubidou !

The Acapulco King! the king of the Classical Acapulco Chair!

If the Acapulco chair and until today the most successful design armchairs scoubidou the king Acapulco just give him a little shade . A skirt which give it a feminine touch !

The king Acapulco, Acapulco is a chair dressed in a skirt that gives elegance and presence . The round base provides good stability . version differs slightly from the original version of the Acapulco chair BOQA .

Scoubidou the base , will be more easily chosen the same as the seat color, but color schemes can be made interesting between the two with triangular and trapezoidal shapes that gave little . So here is what makes little more of the original Acapulco chair  BOQA .

Need to pad underfoot since it is the whole area of the circle of plastic rod which is in contact with the ground. This avoids marks on the terraces and on the court while allowing use on gardens soil .

And if BOQA has not yet decided to publish this version of Acapulco chair you can contact me so that I will edit one more just for You !

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