Thursday, 24 October 2013

How to fix a plastic rop chair


After several requests and realization of renovation plastic rop chair , I wanted to make a little article to explain the various points and give you some tips to fix a an Acapulco Chair or some other model.

Measurment .

I try to help people wishing to renovate the furniture scoubidou to quantify the wire necessary for the allowance . However I am not infallible, so it is best if the wire is still in place but broken to measure the amount of current thread.
However in this situation it is also important to take into account the diameter of the wire. A diameter of 4 mm will take 20 % less space and therefore a diameter of 5 to 20% less roundtrip on the seat and the backrest , the structure ...

To the extent that the wire is no longer in place , it is possible to measure the number of round trip . We need to define the number of loop you want between each round trip , then measure the length of the structure. So you define with the spacing ( seat width ) the total length of wire.

fil scoubidou disponible pour la r├ęparation
Couleur de fil scoubidou

The thread colors available palstic rattan

they are currently 11 colors in stock ;
- Anise
- Orange
- Yellow
- Raspberry
- Teal
- Grey
- Red
- Black
- Sky Blue
- Rose

For the implementation and completion of the repair, if you have a doubt, do not hesitate to contact me via the contact form so that I can help you.

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